Our Services

We provide development services from simple Ruby on Rails to rescue work and code review. We also provide technology leadership and strategy services.
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Rails Development

Are you a startup or small company struggling to find Rails development resources? We can fill the gap for short to mid-term.

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Rescue Work

Do you have a Rails application that needs help? Has feature velocity dropped? Have you lost developers suddenly? Has your code base gotten increasing fragile? We can help.

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Interim CTO

Are you a business or design co-founder and the CTO has gone dark. It happens. We can help bridge the gap and get you past the panic phase.

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Technical Leadership

Are you a design firm looking to take on the technology heavy project where technical issues or implementation is critical to the success of the engagement? If you don't have an internal technology team, we can stand in for you.

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Technology Strategy

Are you thinking about doing a startup and don't know where to start to get something built? We can help point you in the right direction.

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Do you have a development team that is not working well together or with the rest of your organization? We can help guide workflow and processes so things run efficiently and happily.